3 Benefits of a New Exhaust System

3 Benefits of a New Exhaust System

3 Benefits of a New Exhaust System

Whether your car’s current exhaust system seems to be functioning well or you already know it could use an upgrade, there are several reasons to consider having a new exhaust system installed.

Most manufacturers will include a standard system that serves the car’s basic functions, but three reasons for having a new system added include boosting your vehicle’s overall performance, value, and fuel efficiency.

1. Improve Your Engine’s Function

We know a quality exhaust system is essential to any engine function, but most people don’t realize what difference the system actually makes. Improving your car’s exhaust with a custom performance exhaust system will allow the entire engine to function better.

This effect is accomplished because the exhaust system is what allows the engine to breathe. Improving this function can in turn improve everything about the engine’s performance: its torque, horsepower, and noise. When air can move easily in and out of the engine, more of the engine’s power can be directed toward other functions.

Likewise, a clogged or old exhaust system is a major cost to your car’s overall performance. The engine needs to work harder simply to push air in and out of each chamber. Just as people are able to function better when they can breathe clearly, car engines do the same when their exhaust systems are at peak performance.

2. Improve Your Car’s Image and Value

It’s no secret that a new exhaust system will make your car look and sound better too. With a highfunctioning muffler and new headers, the engine practically purrs with sultry performance. Passers-by can recognize the look and sound of a high performance, high-end vehicle that has been well maintained no matter its age.

Consider the difference between a market exhaust and one with dual exhaust, side exit exhausts, or even chrome tips. The latter is a vehicle that proclaims to the world its edge above the rest – a unique style and a taste for luxury and power. The sound of a new muffler also adds to the overall effect of a car that stands a cut above the rest.

A new custom performance exhaust system can also mean fewer and less expensive repairs in your future. Even if a catalytic converter or other part needs to be replaced, the job will be quicker and cheaper because of the new system. This convenience increases the value of your car to you and to any potential future buyer.

These newer systems are also built to last. New performance exhaust parts are built of stainless steel that will never rust over time, unlike older systems that often need to be replaced regularly due to rust. Improving the longevity of the exhaust system improves the longevity of the car at the same time.

3. Improve Your Carbon Footprint

Older exhaust systems are by nature less fuel efficient. In addition, the chemicals in outdated exhaust systems are one of the top contributors to atmospheric gases involved in climate change. Replacing your older vehicle’s system with a new fuel-efficient system helps save the planet.

While some drivers may not be incentivized by environmental benefits, consider too that a more fuel efficient system is saving you money at the gas pump. Whether you’re towing weight or driving in the city or highway, the longer a tank of gas lasts, the easier it is on your wallet. A new exhaust may seem like a large investment, but it will pay for itself over time in gas savings.

To find out more about how your car could benefit from a new exhaust system, contact Seeburg Mufflers today. We can help you find a solution for your car.

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