Exhaust System Types and Components [Explained with Details]

Exhaust System Types and Components [Explained with Details]

Exhaust System Types and Components

What is Exhaust System?

Exhaust System Types and Components :- An exhaust manifold is responsible for collecting the exhaust gases from the cylinder head in the engine. After this, the exhaust gases are diverted from all the cylinders of the engine using the exhaust manifold which acts as a funnel which then releases them through a single opening referred to as the front pipe. As the final step, the gases will pass through a silencer or a muffler which makes a clean system in your car and ensures its smooth running.

Types of Exhaust System

1. Single Exit Exhaust

2. Dual Exit Exhaust

3. Opposite Dual Exhaust

4. Dual Side Exhaust

5. High Performance Exhaust

1. Single Exit Exhaust

The single exit pipe is one of the most common type of exhaust systems which has the single exit type. One can find these fit on the cars and trucks which are bought from the dealer. These cannot be referred to as the most efficient pipes rather they are the cheapest to manufacture as well as install. The exit of the pipe shall always be on the passenger side of the car.

2. Dual Exit Exhaust

The dual rear exit exhaust system refers to as that system which is generally installed in the sportier cars or is added to make a vehicle seem sporty in look. It gives a really deeper note to the exhaust and thus makes the sound of the engine even more powerful. This system comprises of two exhaust pipes on the opposite sides of the car. It is important to know that pipes are not bent around the wheels unlike the other ones.

3. Opposite Dual Exhaust

These types of exhausts are used there where the dual rear exhaust systems cannot bend. Opposite dual exhaust systems are installed as they work a bit differently as compared to the other exhausts. These are wrapped around the wheel with the bend to add a filtering process. These type of exhausts will be seen more on vehicles which are used for towing large loads.

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